A fascinating and important function of your brain is called the Reticular Activating System (RAS) – this filters incoming information so your brain does not go into overload.

The filter allows information through that your brain deems to be “important,” or what you FOCUS ON MOST

What you focus on, what you say becomes REALITY.

Your mind will show you facts to prove you right!  Facts to support your beliefs!  (Even if there was no proof of this in the past.)

Brain Games on National Geographic Channel, hosted by Jason Silva, deals in the perceptions and misperceptions of reality. 

“Ultimately, everything that we perceive is a representation.  You receive limited signals through your instruments, through your senses, and then your brain kind of fills in the blanks.  It makes inferences about reality all of the time, so reality comes to be seen as a kind of   coproduction.  You bring to it what your expectations, preconceptions, nuances, and subtleties and so it’s kind of a cool takeaway.” 



“There was a study out of Stanford on the subject of awe, where they defined awe as an experience of such perceptual vastness or such perceptual expansion like seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time or the movie Gravity on IMAX 3D – that the experience is so vast that you have to reconfigure, reset your mental models of the world in order to assimilate the experience.  And it turns out that every time you have that, you have an awe experience, you’re left with residual feelings of well-being, altruism and compassion.  So blowing your own mind with inspiration makes you a nicer person.”

“So that’s the currency I’m interested in trading.



Feed your RAS!!