Harvest Series 4/7 You Harvest More than You Plant

We harvest more than we plant - or else we wouldn't plant in the first place!!  For each one kernel of corn, you reap approximately 1400 kernels.  

I have been bringing up the book The Power of Habit, because I think it has so much really great information in it!  There is an account in the book about how the company, ALCOA, turned around and by changing a few small things,  created huge results.  It really demonstrated a Ripple Effect.  (If you are looking for a great read, I highly recommend it.)

How can you create the Ripple Effect and be that far-reaching?  Do you WANT to affect a large amount of people?  (Hopefully, in a great way!)

Corn plants don't produce as much when the plant is stressed, but can't think about how to hold themselves back - like we do!  Stress can lessen productivity, so we need to understand those stresses - and make changes to eliminate it!

What habits do you need to change to remove stress from your life?  Make those small changes that can create a huge impact!  

To find out more, check out the video below!

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You Harvest More than You Plant