Harvest Series 6/7 You Reap only if You Persevere

We reap the full harvest of our goals only if we persevere; apathy comes to harvest on its own.

What does it mean to persevere??  Continue in a corse of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no prospect of success. 

That is a sobering fact!  Apathy doesn’t need our help- the definition is indifference, disinterest, dispassion, unconcern, halfheartedness.  I could go on!  This is the natural path without any action!  Since we’re talking harvest, think of a garden.  Without care, weeds overtake the plants and cut down on the yield.  That’s why gardeners take care in cultivating, or preparing the land. 

We must also cultivate the skills we want to feed our accomplishments. 

To overcome problems:

1)     It’s time to admit ignorance and overcome that.  Clearly what you are doing isn’t working, so look to experts and research what WORKS – to support your goal.  Weight loss:  someone you are accountable to, correct dietary plan, and a workout schedule.  Grow spiritually:  Align yourself with great teachers, support system, read.  Learn how to set up a website:  YOUTUBE!  If you are ignorant, it’s your own fault.  To know more, you need to search more.  If you look, the knowledge will be provided.

2)     You don’t understand it.  Coaches, support system, mentors, videos, reading.  So many resources.  We need to find out the RIGHT WAY to do it.  But it won’t happen without applying!

3)     Not applying lessons.  Do you keep learning and learning and never apply?  If you keep all of that information to yourself, it’s selfish!

Learn à Do!

Don’t lose heart!  Your high of excitement will wear off, but persevere until the excitement can be regenerated.  If you don’t get tired, your hard work will pay off – realize your goals / dreams! 

Cannot plant and forget.  The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.  Transform.  (mary and her cousin Colin.) 

Opportunity for good, but you will have opposition.  Weeds, bad weather, pests.  In life, emergencies, other people and things holding you back.  Put your seeds into the right soil – to be able to work toward your goals and be successful.  Need to be focused 100% on the end goal.  Circumstances may try to undermine you, but if you are prepared, that will not happen. 

Stop planting and cultivating the things that product discouragement!!  Complaining, focusing on negative things, using negative language.  Surrounding yourself with the wrong people.

1)     Don’t quit – don’t give up! 

2)     Don’t grow tired – get your tools in place to support you in times you get tired.  You need to be able to renew.  (Refresh – events, read others’ inspiration, support)

The harvest comes when it’s ready – different for all of us.  You just have to know it will come!

Do, execute, produce!  This will make you excited!  Another version is be active, work effectively, accomplish!  (Talk about note on board.)

Persevere.  It’s not easy.  We won’t see our results for a long time.  You may affect someone else’s results and you may never even know that. 


So find out the information you need, get some help from others that have gone through it, and then APPLY!  Need all ingredients.

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You Reap only if you Persevere