Harvest Series 7/7 You Can only Do Something about This Year's Harvest

Life is full of consequences – good and bad.  Those seemingly small choices can have a huge far-reaching effect – such as the ripple effect.  They can also have a great impact in our lives.

 I encouraged you to fail earlier in the week.  We need to take risks, and fail – but it’s up to us to not continue making that same mistake.  Learning from our failures and improving is the goal. 

 1)    We cannot do anything about last year’s harvest.

a.     No self-pity.  Woe is me

b.    What opportunities to take advantage of?

c.     Sometimes by losing a battle, you find a new way to win the war.

2)    We must learn to live with the consequences of our failures.

a.     Learn -> Do --> Fail.  Repeat till you fail less.

b.    Learning from failures is the back door to success.

c.     Build character and skills.

3)    We must commit ourselves to this year’s harvest.

a.     May not produce anything this year.

b.    Definitely won’t if you don’t put forth action to do it!

c.     Grow from being a baby to maturity.  Milk, meat.

d.    Tracy did a FB live!

4)    We much not judge our harvest by the standards of others and their idea of success.

a.     We all have our yardstick.  Millionaire, being able to stay home with family, become a world-class athlete,

b.    Perfectionism isn’t as important as results.

c.     Do we think we are a success and are sadly mistaken??

 Did you fight the best you could, and finish the race?  This requires us to keep faith in that end result.  Keep your faith and momentum moving in that direction!!


But always remember:

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals." Henry David Thoreau

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You Can only Do Something about This Year's Harvest

Are you ready for This Year's Harvest???  If not, there is a way to get there!

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