Harvest Series Recap And... Two Days of the Week We Shouldn't Worry

The Harvest Series is complete!  I have created a recap of those thoughts, as they all come together to create a full picture of elements we can take from the concept of the Harvest to apply to our lives.

1You only Harvest What You Plant

2) You Harvest in Kind What You Plant

3You Harvest in Harvest in a Different Season than You Plant

4) You Harvest More than You Plant

5) You Harvest In Proportion to What You Plant

6) You Reap only if You Persevere

7) You Can only Do Something about This Year's Harvest

We cannot control the length of our life, 
but we can control its width and depth.
We cannot control the contour of our countenance, 
but we can control its expression.
We cannot control the other person’s annoying habits, 
but we can do something about our own.
We cannot control the distance our head is above the ground,
but we can control the height of the contents we feed into it.

To find out which two days of the week we shouldn't worry, listen to the video below!  

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Harvest Series based on outline on The Seven Laws of the Harvest from Bible.Org.