I was thinking last night about the fact we don't really talk about Thanksgiving Eve, so I did a search on this.  The first two pages of my Google search brought up sites with Thanksgiving Eve parties - apparently, it's one of the biggest party nights of the year!  WHO KNEW?!  

But that's not really what I was going for...

I was searching for not only Thankfulness in November.  But Thankfulness in everyday life.  What comes up every day that you can turn around into something to be grateful for.  

Not only the pretty parts, sprinkled with glitter.  But also those that take Blood, Sweat, and/or Tears.

Something abrasive that creates something beautiful, rare and valuable.  Something like the grain of sand that becomes a pearl.

I'm thankful for...

Struggling, because in the struggle I have found strength.

Pain, as it reminds me I can feel.

Anger, because it shows me I'm passionate about something.

Frustration, because through that emotion, I can find a new way to learn.

A Broken Heart, because that means I loved.

Being Tired, because that means I had a full day.

The Rain, because that means I will see a silver lining.

What is your grit that creates your pearl?

What is your story you can share with others?


Thanksgiving Eve 

Please share with me the things YOU are thankful for!  

I'd love to read those in the comments!