The Wealthiest Place on the Planet...

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Do you hate what you’re doing?  Your job... do you have a dream?  Maybe you don't even "hate" it - you just want to have more freedom.  Live life more on your own terms.

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I recently listened to a call from marketing expert Steve Krivda and the way in which he presented BELIEFS really helped me to break it down for myself!  It's so SIMPLE, but once you get those words down onto paper, they are more tangible - black and white.  You must do this exercise!  Discover and define your beliefs...  so you can begin that journey to realizing them!

Write down the beliefs that empower you.

Write down beliefs that DISempower you.

Circle 3 of your most empowering beliefs. 

How do those beliefs empower you?

How do those beliefs TRULY strengthen who you are?

Circle the 2 beliefs that hold you back the most. 

What are the consequences?  

How are those beliefs ridiculous?  

How do these disempowering beliefs hold you back?

Make a decision that you are no longer willing to have those beliefs!!! 

DETACH from them.  They no longer have a hold on you.

If they rise up, acknowledge them then watch them pass on by!

You’ve learned all of these beliefs from someone.  Was the person you learned these beliefs from worth modeling after in this area?

Were they the expert on that topic? 

Were they producing the results you want in your own life? 

What will this cost me to hold onto these beliefs?  (Family, health, spirituality, etc)

Pull in the empowering belief and push away the disempowering belief.

With what do you replace these disempowering beliefs?

Who can you model after? 

Who is achieving these things you would like to achieve? 

There is no room in your life to settle for anything LESS than what empowers you!!

The wealthiest plot of land on the planet is the graveyard...  What “could have been.”  The “dreams that were.”  

Don't let this be the case for you!!!

“Life is difficult and it’s hard to change” – this is a DISempowering belief!!  And it’s wrong!

DETACH from those wrong beliefs.  

Realize:  It USED to be me and it’s NO LONGER me! 

When those thoughts pop up – just acknowledge them and let them pass. 

Are these beliefs serving and loving to you? Are they helping to move you forward?