Adapted from an Inner Circle recording by Kevin Sousa talking about his Driving force behind achieving success through opportunity – and the dumb reasons that keep you from them. They make you reject opportunity.

What are the DUMB reasons that people use to reject opportunity and keep from moving forward with their goals and dreams.

1)  No goals or dreams.

No compelling reasons to take action.  If you do not take action, it is because that dream is not important enough to you or you do not believe it.  Wouldn’t it be great to encourage others that have hopes and dreams to follow them?  Don’t just settle for a job to live day-to-day.

Then you can then help others to do the same.

2)  No time.  

We ALL have amount of time in a day and we all take the time to do things that MEAN something to us, or that has VALUE to us.  We all have jobs that take up our time.  It’s exhausting coming home from work, having things to do at home, when you really want to spend time doing things you enjoy or spending it with your family.  We all have things that we want to do, but that is going to require additional TIME.  But there are things you can do for your family that will ultimately LEVERAGE your time to be with them.  So time is not really an excuse at all.  It’s a dumb excuse.  You may spend a little more time up front in working on your business, but in the end, it will all be worth it.  To create FREEDOM.

3) They don’t believe they can do it, or that it’s even possible to succeed.  

You cannot convince a person of their own beliefs.

However, you can change your OWN beliefs.  If you find that your own beliefs are holding you back from something, THEN IT’S TIME TO TAKE A LOOK AT WHAT YOU BELIEVE, ISN’T IT??  Not believing that you can do what thousands of other people are doing, or that it’s even possible for you to succeed, is a dumb reason to reject the opportunity.

If you are willing to LEARN, you can do it.  Your REASON to learn is where your goals and dreams come in to play.

4) They don’t have the startup money readily available.  

I understand life!  For years, I was B-R-O-K-E!

At least, I perceived myself to be…

I had a job.  But most of my income, if not all of it went toward paying bills that I, myself, racked up.  Nobody else did that but me!

Some people would say to me,”A lot of people don’t even have a job, Kevin.”

And I said,”WELL, GET ONE.”

“Oh, it’s easier said than done.”

And, if you keep believing that, you’re RIGHT.  But if you believe it’s easy, you’re RIGHT.  Either way, you’ll prove yourself to be RIGHT.

All his life, when Kevin switched jobs or was looking for a job, he found one.  Why?  Because he believed he could.

The startup money for any business can be FOUND, CREATED, and DONE.


The world is full of countless stories of those that did not have the money – no, the money was not there – that found the money.  Because their dream or their reason was big enough.

Anyone that says they don’t have the money to get started is lying (because you can find it or create it…).  If you had a family member that was dying and you needed to find money to help them, you would do anything to make that happen!  It would be done.

Keep your dream alive in the same way.  

If you don’t have a dream or goal, GET ONE!

Because you could help others, once you start or create the startup money.

5) In spite of irrefutable, testimonial PROOF that the opportunity is not only real, but it’s possible for them to succeed with it, too, they still don’t want to do it.

This is an excuse.  Even after the proof is shown.  Then they give other excuses, until you find the real excuse that is holding them back.

Don’t lie to others or YOURSELF – find the real excuse and overcome it.

6) They listen to the wrong people.  

They listen to and heed the so-called advice of naysayers and dreamstealers.  They look at an opportunity and then go talk to their Uncle Joe or friend, Mary, tell them about the opportunity.  And Uncle Joe and friend Mary laugh in their face and exclaim,”Hah!  You fell for that?  That doesn’t work!”

“Oh.  How do you know that?”

“Because I know people that have done it and I’ve even tried it myself!  That stuff doesn’t work.”

They steal your dream in an instant!

Why?  Because you want their opinion – and frankly, none of them have ever done it.  And if they haven’t succeeded, they haven’t been willing to learn or willing to work.

Be honest!  Bring out the truth!

If I want to be a doctor, do I go talk to someone that digs ditches for a living?  To ask them for advice on how to become a doctor?  Or do I go talk with a successful doctor?!

Be smart.  When you counsel with someone, counsel with someone that has succeeded.

7) They know someone who failed at it, so they assume they will, too.  

Really, how dumb is that?  Many people have failed.  Does that make me assume that I will, too?!  No, because my dream is big enough, and when the dream is big enough, the FACTS DON’T COUNT.  It’s completely irrelevant if others have failed at the opportunity we have.


We not only have succeeded ourselves,

in spite of the ones who have failed.  

People assume that if someone failed that it is not possible for them.  

That’s dumb!  

Your dream is worth a lot more than that, I’ll tell ya.

Don’t take these lightly.

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