Inspiring Women... 10 Quotes from Amelia

Amelia Earhart goes down in history for being an intriguing woman, both in that she was a pioneer in her field (and because of that is a highly inspirational woman...) and the theories that surround her disappearance and her presumed death.  She was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic and set many records in the area of aviation, became a visiting faculty member at Purdue University (advising in aeronautical engineering and counseling women on careers), and supported the Equal Rights Amendment...  among other accomplishments!

We can learn much from Amelia, both in life and business - one major lesson being that you can do ANYTHING.  Even if it had never been done before.  Even if a woman had never before completed the task.  Be fearless and passionate!

Despite the fact that her disappearance was almost 80 years ago, there is still much fascination surrounding her life.  The lesson of her tenacity continues today & into the future.  Enjoy 10 great quotes by Amelia below!

There’s more to life than being a passenger.

Young people and old people, too, are too timid about experimenting trying their little adventures, flying their own Atlantics. Step out! Try the job you are interested in! Use the talents which give you joy! There’s plenty of time.
Honor is the foundation of courage.

I don’t want to be known always merely as the first woman to fly the Atlantic. Aviation is a great thing, but it cannot fill one’s life completely… I am bringing a message of goodwill and friendship from American to British settlement houses.
It is best to begin at the beginning.

I plan to work very hard this year and [do] little else but fly.

Take whatever life has given you and create the best life you possibly can - you have no excuses, nothing can hold you back...  but you.  Don't give yourself the time to be scared... and settle for nothing less than giving it your all!