Your Business During the Holidays

So you just started a business.  It's a *gasp* online, home-based business.  Many of your friends and family don't know quite what to think and few may ask...  (Preconceived notions?)  But you just keep on keeping on, working - but don't worry...  they're watching.  And so are so many others that you don't even know yet.  Watching.  So just be valuable to them.  

But this is my warning...  the holidays are coming up.  The house may be full of relatives - now you have them all there, it's time for a big presentation!  Get out the Whiteboard!      

Wrong.  No.  Just don't do that.  There is a time and a place, and this is NOT IT.

But how SHOULD you treat your business over the holidays?  


Listen to friends and family - really listen.  Find out something new about those you love.  Put down the electronics (yes!  do it!).  Play a board game.  Have a conversation.  You don't know who will be around for the next holiday.  Really reconnect.  

This is also good practice for creating relationships with those you haven't yet met.  You can never be TOO good at being present and an active listener!

Someone MAY ask you what your new business is "all about."  It's okay to share with them some of your excitement (I know you're EXCITED!), but then turn the conversation back to them.  (Remember what I said - not the time for trying to "hook" the next person for your business.)  Show you're interested in THEM.  (Not so you can sell to them later, but because you actually DO CARE about your relationship!)  

If someone IS interested about hearing more, set up a time later on to meet and get a little deeper into the conversation.  But not during your celebration.  If someone in your family is already involved in online marketing, by all means, gift them with the gift of learning!  There are so many AWESOME training opportunities (hint, hint, if you haven't yet purchased my gift!  Ha!) that you could get.  


If you are fortunate enough to have additional time off...  don't take time off of your business.  Sure, you may dial it back a bit.  But have a standard, base level of productivity you SHOULD not, CAN not, you WILL NOT fall below.  No matter what.  Whatever those activities are for you, make sure you hit those key activities.  Then you *have permission* to relax.  Maybe your list looks like this:

  1. Mindset
  2. Workout
  3. Prospect
  4. 1 piece of content

Don't go crazy with this list.  This is your baseline.  But don't let your baseline be "zero."  

Have a great holiday season, everyone: enjoy, be blessed and safe!