Sounds of the Season

I'm not going to share many words in this post, because the primary way in which I'll communicate to you today is through the Universal Language!  That is the language of music, which transcends spoken languages and also easily spans time - still very relevant, even if it's decades or even centuries old!  

For example, one piece I played was by Russian composer:  Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (May 7, 1840 -- November 6, 1893).  This piece of music from the Nutcracker Suite was written in 1892 and is a staple every Christmas on stages around the world, combining the arts of music and ballet.  

What I just want to leave you with is just my gift of music - not professionally recorded (in fact, I get a bit LOUD in some of the pieces, louder than my laptop liked!), but hope you enjoy!

Thanks for listening!

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