5 Tips to Grow Your Brand in 2017!

The countdown to the New Year is well under way!  But this is truly information you can begin ANY DAY of ANY YEAR and create your own success.

Create your own success.

I was fortunate enough to be on a Live phone call recently with Network Marketing expert Steven Rachel - and while you hear in his voice a calm, unassuming demeanor, his message was POWERFUL!  

Steven and his wife, Lanacia, began learning about Attraction Marketing strategies only about 4 years ago - but really had never found success.  UNTIL...  they found a system that showed them others that were having online success.  In mid-June 2012, they began implementing a few video-marketing strategies and the rest is history!  A few months later, they were both able to quit their jobs and go online full time.  

This power couple is now a force to be reckoned with, showing they are true leaders in the online industry - having branded themselves successfully and created their own products.

Below are 5 Tips to Grow Your Brand in 2017, based on Steven's own list.  

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Utilize your resources.

There are two types of resources:

  1. Free
  2. Paid

There are a multitude of FREE resources out there that you may utilize to grow your Brand!

  1. Social media!  FB, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and the list goes on!  Within each of these, there are many strategies and tips to grow your businness.  I have access to a wonderful library of training on MANY of these - and haven't even scratched the surface!  (Seriously, it's almost ridiculous!)
  2. Every weekday morning, I have access to an inspirational Wakeup Call - in addition to providing me with great content, it just gets me fired up!
  3. Each Tuesday afternoon, there is a Google hangout with one of the industry's Top Earners that is ALWAYS really great!  It ranges from 1-2 hours and provides a WEALTH of (FREE) training and information that I often immediately apply to my business.  
  4. Every Wednesday evening, there is also a (FREE) webinar, lasting from 1 hour+ and addressing a wide range of topics.  (In the past, these have included Lead Generation, How to Dominate Twitter for Free, Q&A on Prospecting & Recruiting, and many other relevant topics!)

I could go on.  But if you're looking for FREE, there are a ton of options.

You may choose from a range of PAID resources, just depending on which platform you have decided to become an expert.  We have had FREE trainings (see above) on how to set up and use paid training!  

There are endless possibilities for combinations of the two, only held back by your own imagination.  

Two keys to take from this...  whatever platform(s) you choose:

  1. Take it one step at a time.
  2. Become the EXPERT.

Exploit the trends.

Keep up on what's #trending in social media and online marketing.  

Take a few minutes to research now and then - or delve into some training by experts "in the know."  

Two you should know about NOW (and they're related!) are:

  1. Mobile Video
  2. Live Streaming Video

If you are not doing some sort of video right now...  you might as well throw in the towel.  Seriously,  I consider video to be a VITAL part of any type of marketing.  

Live video is so great, because it really allows you to make an immediate connection with your audience.  They can see and hear you - your words, tone/inflection and your body language.  Win them over. 

"Make people CRAVE your brand." - Me

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Sell yourself.

YOU are the hot topic.  Or you need to position yourself to be.  Don't promote the company from which you're selling.  That is not YOUR company, unless you are the CEO.  Create YOUR brand, since you've already positioned yourself as the EXPERT (see above!).  

  1. Utilize the strategies you've learned.  (Hint:  VIDEO should be part of this!)
  2. Create amazing content.  (Hint:  Use your RESOURCES above.)
  3. Make yourself known.  Create trust.  (Hint:  BE SOCIAL.) 

(Did you hear what I said about making people want to CRAVE your brand?!?)

Be consistent!

A key component that comes to play in the Trust factor above is...  consistency.  Don't show others you're a fly-by-night operation - you're here to stay!  You will ALSO become a force to be reckoned with!  You MUST be consistent.  Especially in these areas:

  1. Daily operations.
  2. Content.  
  3. Effort in learning and honing skills.  (You gotta have mad skillz, baby!)

Document your process.


(Hint:  this is a great way to come up with your content!)

There are many learning opportunities, as we have discussed.  Take advantage of the FREE training and definitely INVEST in additional training (constantly!).  

*You're Worth It, Baby!*

Don't let your learning be an empty waste of time - the best way for that to gel in your mind is to put it into action IMMEDIATELY.  Don't give yourself time to forget, or procrastinate (yikes!).  You need to do it today!  Don't wait until the beginning of a New Year.  

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Thank you so much for stopping by today, I treasure you!!  I know you will have an AMAZING upcoming year...  if YOU decide you will.