How to Set up Your Twitter account!

Since its inception in 2006, Twitter (or originally known as "twttr) has come a long way, baby!  The micro-blogging platform hosts approximately 317 million ACTIVE users currently.  Remember when "#" meant "number" or "pounds"?  Now, we universally understand that it is a hashtag, thanks to Twitter.    

Jack Dorsey's tweet is below - the first ever on the platform! 

Even if FB is your first love, there's always more love to go around - so try Twitter on for size.  Why, you ask?  Without going into great detail (that is a post for a later date - just trust me on this one!), two big ones are:

1) You'll always see what's trending (in a micro way, of course!)

2) Twitter is great for companies as well as individuals.  (Hint:  for those of you that are building your own business!)

Like I said, we'll get to the "why" another day, but TODAY...  just get right to the ACTION!

How to set up (or tweak!) your Twitter account!  

For those of you that already have an account - you can certainly follow some of these steps to tweak your profile.  

Never hurts to look BETTER & BETTER!

Choose your profile name

This is also called your "Twitter handle."  It is comprised of an @ symbol, followed by your name of choice.  Mine is @chon_ran (and for all of you with a Twitter account - scoot on over there and follow me, won't you?  Just click below!  #shameless 

twitter follow.jpg

I would love to return the favor!  You can choose your name, a combination of name and initials, or something you deem to be clever.  Shorter is better - you don't want this to suck up prime real estate, since you only have 140 characters to use in a post.  As I mentioned previously, we're talking MICRO-blogging!

 Add your photo

Do not be an egg.  You are no longer an egg!  Do not use a photo of your dog, your lizard, or your kitten - no matter how cute.  Social media is about connecting with - being SOCIAL with - other people.  Put your face out there so others can connect with you on that level.  If you don't show your face, let's be honest - it just seems a little sketchy.  Do not use your logo as your profile photo.  Your personal brand can be incorporated into your cover photo, but never the product you are promoting.  That's spammy, unattractive, and it just doesn't work!  Let's see that beautiful face of yours!

BONUS TIPS!  Your photo is shown every time you tweet, so this will build recognition with your audience!  And, to take this one step further...  use the same profile photo on other social media platforms, so your followers will recognize you RIGHT AWAY!

The above is mostly about your profile photo, but points can apply to your cover image.  We can talk more about that, in-depth, later on!

Would you like to see mine?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Write your bio

Be interesting.  Show your flair!  You may use 160 characters to do it.  (Micro!)  Interests, passions, what makes you, YOU!  In concentrated form.  Since people are so VISUAL, please use emoticons!  It will make it SO much more engaging and - well, just more FUN!  

Check out my bio below.  Does that make YOU want to connect?  

Include website info

Your website and BLOG are your hub of activity, so you definitely want to direct people there.  You have several opportunities to include ways to direct people to your site!  There is a field to include your clickable link.  I've also included the website in my cover image and there is a clickable link in my Pinned Tweet!  

Start following

Search for others with the same personal and/or business interests.  See what aligns with you and the reasons you're on Twitter.  Keep in mind - there are still rules, as is the case with every social media platform.  Twitter warns against aggressive following and is defined as follows: "Aggressive following is defined as indiscriminately following hundreds of accounts just to garner attention."  Overall, you are allowed to follow a limit of 5000 accounts. 


SO, get out there!  Start tweeting!  Keep interacting with others - remember, it's SOCIAL MEDIA!  

But...  WHAAAAT?!  There are more bonuses?!  

(I am feeling generous, but it's only because I think you are all so fantastic!!)

BONUS #1 !  

  Fun stuff!  If you're already an avid Twitter user, do you want to reminisce?  

Check out:     (directly after the #, add your username)

My first tweet:

BONUS #2 ! 

Pin your Tweet!  Create a tweet that shows how to get to your website and includes an image!  Shows what you're all about!  THEN, click on the tweet to view it.  On the bottom right-hand side, you will see " ... ".  Click on the three dots and you will see "Pin to your profile page."  Now this will be the first tweet everyone will see in your feed.  Love!  (See my Pinned Tweet below!)

Do you want thousands or...  even millions of people to see your tweets???  Click below now!