Birthday Blog

Wecome back!

Are you where you want to be in your life???  

(A question only YOU can answer!)

When your birthday rolls around - is it "bloggable"?

In other words, are you in LOVE with what you are doing - so much so you want to share it with the world (and also interesting enough that someone wants to LISTEN!)?

Typically, my birthday is during the work week, in which case I take a vacation day.  I don't believe in going to "work" on my birthday!  😊  If I can help it.  

It's a time of celebrating things I love to do, and also a time of introspection.  Where am I in life?  Is it where I want to be?  

Show off your loves and passions and things you have fun doing.  I will be showing those all over FB!  #sorrynotsorry

I have the capability to do this more and more...  and am working toward the lifestyle in which I don't have to "take the day off."  My day is dictated by me.  

IN the meantime, I will enjoy my birthday and every day...  Eating beautiful and delicious food with someone I love.  Walking through the snowflakes, taking note of the lights reflecting on the wet pavement and enjoy the painted benches while passing by.  

I am having an extremely bloggable birthday.  

I am having an extremely bloggable life!

{Are you?}

{A little PRE-birthday fun from last night!}  🔽🔽🔽

Today, THIS is happening...   🔽🔽🔽

What special things do you do on your birthday, or would you 💗 to do on your birthday?!  🎂  

Was this post helpful? If so, I appreciate comments below - please feel free to share it with anyone who might benefit! (Pay it forward!)

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See you next time!


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