Tonight, I was at a wedding for a friend and it was a lot of fun to go – see old friends, some family, and also met new people.  They had a photo booth setup with props, as you see many times now, at weddings, trade shows, etc.  The kids were especially having fun, getting out the old man mask, green afro wig with oversized sunglasses, bedazzled leis, and many other fun items!  Soon, the adults were joining in the fun.

It made me think about how we all, from time to time, like to put on another persona and just be free to be someone else.  I think it’s easier for kids, because they still have such lively imaginations and are open to more new experiences without judgement.  The persona can be from acting differently in front of one person than another, to completely acting out another character in speech, costume, or otherwise. 

It shows freedom to be able to act that out and not be afraid of what others may say about it.  Obviously, actors and actresses do it all day, every day and it’s a multi-billion dollar industry.  Because we want to be able to get lost in a story, in another time and place.  So we go and pay to see someone putting on another facade.

Do you know your true inner self, the one that may come out if you let go of your inhibitions?  If you had the capability to do whatever you wanted, not taking into account monetary or physical limitations, do you even know what you would do?  Do you know your passion?  Or have you held that back for so long you would have to search your soul for your dreams, your true self or your gift? 

With the right education, you can gain the correct tools to create a life you want, with income that can support your true passions.  In time, you can find that freedom! 


Search, find yourself, find that passion and shout it out to the world!


Billy Joel’s The Stranger

Well, we all have a face that we hide away forever
And we take them out and show ourselves when everyone has gone.
Some are satin, some are steel,
Some are silk and some are leather.
They’re the faces of a stranger,
But we’d love to try them on…

…You may never understand how the stranger is inspired.
But he isn’t always evil and he is not always wrong…