Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Today, I just wanted to take you on a journey - and you don't even need to get out of your seat.  I've always loved to travel - so many new sights, sounds, foods, EXPERIENCES!!

For some, there is a yearly vacation to go on - and even others save for years, just for one epic trip to another part of the globe.  Do you love new EXPERIENCES as much as I do?  I thought so!  But does your job allow for that?  I kind figured that, too!  

Grasp the luxury of designing your life well - so you can live your life...  your way.  

But only if you are open to new possibilities.  And if you are willing to work hard.  

But, baby - it's SO worth it!  

UNTIL you are ready to make that commitment and INVESTMENT into yourself...  check out some of these majestic sights I've seen from around the world.  It's an amazing place!  Don't miss seeing it, just because you are scared to get out of that cubicle you're encased in all day...  every day...  (Which would YOU rather see???)  Again, that's what I thought!  We are SO on the same page today!

If you don’t stop and look around, you just may miss something magical.  

Whether you are travelling home from work or heading to your dream destination, there is always an element of beauty to discover.    

Check out the majesty that is Utah.

The serene beauty of Tumwater in central Washington state?  Um, YES, PLEASE!

Wyoming...  truly God's country...

Ready to rub elbows with the stars?  First, let's just check out the area near the Santa Monica pier...  gorgeous silhouettes at sunset.  

Even in the midst of bustling downtown Chicago, the moon peeks through the skyline...  reminding us that the Moon never changes.

By the metropolis that is Los Angeles, you can find unique experiences...  such as at the Japanese Gardens in Burbank!

Open your mind to new experiences.

Find a picturesque and little-traveled road in Chelsea - I don't even have to tell YOU, but New York City provides you with ample opportunities to find some magic!!  Find the magic, baby!

Travel far enough, you meet yourself.

  David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

When visiting the major landmarks, don't forget to look around!  

This is just across the street from the Frank Gehry's famous Walt Disney Concert Hall!  What a sweet spot to find!  

Sometimes, you wish your trip WOULD last forever!!  (But why make yourself "wait" until the next one???)

Create the lifestyle from which you DON'T need a vacation!!

You can hang out at the beach on Anna Maria Island in Florida, all. week. long.  (Don't forget the sunscreen!)

I mean, the mesmorizing ocean, white sand beneath your feet and water lapping at your toes...  Can you smell that salty air?  I can!  

I'm ready to go back to Siesta Key Beach!  

Take only memories, leave only footprints.

Chief Seattle

Photos by "Yours Truly."

Thanks for sharing in my travels and please join me again!!  Please leave me a comment sharing some of your favorite US travel destinations!

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