Your VISION Board... the Nuts & Bolts

While determing How to Create an Empowering Vision Board, I went very in-depth on the process followed to find meaningful images and concepts for my Vision Board.  These images are concentrated forms of tangible or emotional goals I am going to accomplish.

And that's really the meaning or the why of having a Vision Board.  It's employing any sort of medium to display images, representing what YOU want in YOUR life.  Focused, clarified images of your goals.

It's proven scientifically that focusing on something actually causes your brain to draw attention to information to support it.  

Thinking something is powerful, but doing and speaking is even moreso - a Vision Board brings your thoughts into more of a reality.  We've gone over the really conceptual way in which to being your Empowering Vision Board, BUT now you really need to have a list of the Nuts & Bolts behind making the board...  

I've created for you:

A List of 5 Things to Consider while Making your Vision Board

Determine which concepts you would like to include on your board.        

I won't get too philosophical about this (because if you'd like to go down that road, you can check out yesterday's post!)  But I offer you a list of general topics, or areas in your life, you may want to consider.  Everyone's list will vary slightly.  You can use all, some, or pinpoint one category you'd like to focus in on.  Don't get stuck on these - you can change them at any time you'd like.  It's YOUR board and YOUR vision.

  1. Spirituality
  2. Family 
  3. Mindset
  4. Career / Life Purpose
  5. Health & Wellness
  6. Healing
  7. Travel & Lifestyle
  8. Dream Home

Collect the items you'll use to create your board.

Here are just a few ideas in how to create the end product:

  1. Create a Vision Board on Pinterest.  All you need is you & your computer!
  2. Craft a collage.  There are many ways to do this.  The backing could be anything.  Foam core, poster board, cardboard, wood, etc.  Glue, tape, or mod podge your images onto the board of your choice!  Grab some scissors, maybe some fun markers, colored pencils, whatever media sparks your fancy, and GET CREATIVE!
  3. Create a notebook - grab a 3-ring binder and plastic sheets.  Create pages of images to include in your new Vision Notebook!
  4. Bulletin board.  I used this style, first printing my images onto cardstock and then tucking them onto the grid on the board.  I've left negative space between the images, so they can "breathe."  And they may be changed around or changed out at any time of my liking.

See my Vision Board below:

This is another idea which I think would be a brilliant way to create your board!

Discover the images to use on your board. 

Look anywhere you want to find these images to exemplify your concepts.

  1. Online
  2. Magazines
  3. Photos
  4. You!  You can draw, sketch, paint, etc images if you feel moved to do so!
  5. Think 3D!  These don't only have to be flat representations of your concepts!
  6. Postcards
  7. Use whatever you would like, to represent your Vision

Design the ambiance in which to construct your board.

You're going to all of the work to create this life-changing, epic board that you're going to see every day.  So, let's start it right!  Create the atmosphere which resonates with you and the flavor of your board.


  1. Lighting - bright enough to work effectively, but comfortable and warming.
  2. Aromatherapy - scented waxes, candles
  3. Comfort - spread out on your sofa & coffee table, at your computer, in your craft room, at your kitchen table, or wherever it makes the most sense for you to create your board.  Maybe have a glass of your favority bevvy handy.  (Just don't spill it on your new creation!)
  4. Music - my favorite!  Whether you're a hard rocker or are loving on some soulful blues, music can always be a great addition to setting the proper mood.
  5. Mindset!  This is for your future!  Possibly meditate on positive thoughts or your future before you being, to bring great energy into this endeavor.

Create your Vision Board & place it where you will see it every day.  

Purposefully take time daily to look at and really SEE this daily - two great times would be first thing in the morning and right before you go to bed at night.  

As you place more focus onto these images, you may feel uncomfortable at first.  They may be images that are very far removed from where you are and what you are feeling TODAY.  But the more you imprint them onto your mind and follow up the Vision with supporting Action, the more you will completely embrace them.  The thought of these will become second nature as they begin actually happening in your life.  (Remember that RAS??  It's not joke, guys!)

In addition to bringing you closer to your DREAMS, this is also a great way to heal from your past and really get to know yourself better.

Who's going to go out and create an amazing Vision Board?  

(Or revise that old one?!)

*Your future self will thank you!*

Are you now in a position to move closer to your dream life?   

You see, by creating a tangible Vision, you may create that lifestyle that affords you whatever possibilities you may dream of...  

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