Feeling Stressed? 5 Ways to Melt It Away

Stressed is just desserts spelled backwards!

The above quote popped into my mind - and I really hate that quote!  Emotional eating is never appropriate if you're stressed!  But there ARE some great ways to melt that stress away!!

STRESS is a "state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances."

Not every day feels like a good day.  But the difference between you and someone that curls into a ball of pity is that you take the tools you have to lower stress to a manageable level - and implement them.  Because sometimes, it creeps in. 

Yesterday, I didn't have a good day.  Clarifying, it could have been WAY worse - so many are suffering with things I can only imagine, and I count myself to be very fortunate.

The morning began with a bit of a gnawing headache which has been returning uninvited every day this week, and becoming worse by evening.  That morning, someone was pouring out negativity in my direction, and some of that became internalized.  Criticizing me for policy, of which I have no control, being condescending and hateful.  

Even though he was being less than fun to deeal with, my response to him was pleasant, not inflammatory.  And I was just feeling pressure and stress from things I haven't yet defined.  

Feeling like the band around your chest is tightening.  

And the blood pressure rising, brain in a fog.  

This topic resonates with me, because so many people are feeling stress daily in their lives.

Each person feels stress differently and it may arise from varied sources.  But nearly all of us deal with it and its side effects at some point.  Mindset training is awesome and necessary, but implementing techniques that release stress are great tools to have in your bag of tricks!

Do you have the tools to combat this unwelcome visitor in your life?

Below are 5 techniques implemented to bring me back to a peaceful state, and I felt compelled to share them.  Because, you deserve it!   


Bathing (rather than just being in the shower) has been studied to show the result of "improved general psychological wellness...  (with) a significant drop in feelings of pessimism about the future and increases in hedonic tone, the internal feeling of pleasurability."  Being horizontal is thought to be one component of that - and being in a vulnerable, "womb-like" state.  

Taking a bath may seem like a luxury, but it is worth taking the extra time to soak!


Aromatherapy is a great technique to incorporate into your bath (see above) or your home in general!  I used a combination of Ylang Ylang and Patchouli for a bath.  Aromatherapy affects the limbic system in your brain, which most notably controls emotions and retrieves learned memories.  

Below are the top 5 essential oils for use for stress relief:

  1. Lavender
  2. Frankincense
  3. Rose
  4. Chamomile
  5. Vanilla
  6. Honorable mention for Ylang-Ylang!

4 - 7 - 8 BREATHING

This breathing exercise is powerful.  It's also very simple - you may do this anywhere.  

How to do it in 5 easy steps:

  1. Place the tip of your tongue behind your front upper teeth.
  2. Count to 4 while breathing in through your nose.
  3. Count to 7 while holding that breath.
  4. Count to 8 while releasing your breath through your mouth (audibly).
  5. Repeat the 4 - 7 - 8 breathing 3-4 times in a row.  Resume normal breathing.

Why does it work?  

When you're stressed, you hold your breath and/or have very shallow breathing.  Using a methodical and purposeful way of breathing requires you to focus on the breath and use good breathing techniques.  

In this exercise, you will be taking in more oxygen, allowing that to better saturate your bloodstream, and forcing yourself to fully expel carbon dioxide from your lungs before starting the cycle again.


I've said it before and will again!  Hydrate.  It's a well-documented fact that all of our organs need the proper amount of water to function properly.  If you are dehydrated, your body isn't functioning well...  causing yet another stress.  (Stress itself can cause dehydration.)    

So work on some of those physical responses that can be caused by both stress and dehydration:  increased heart rate, nausea, fatigue, headache...  and keep your water bottle nearby!


According to the National Qigong Association, "Qigong is an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention."  This is in reference to the "life force" or vital energy that flows through all things.

In utilizing movement and breathing purposefully, you can address many different ills, including stress relief.  I found the video below to be helpful in learning several different movements that can be applied to reduce stress.  You could choose just one to focus on if a stressful moment presents itself in your day!

There are other modalities you can incorporate to also address stress:  yoga, tai chi, cardio exercise, etc.  But do find a way to physically address that stress!

Do take some time to breathe in lavender essential oil before this exercise - love the combination!

Are you now in a position to better control stress in your life?   

You see, by reducing stress, you may create that lifestyle that affords you whatever possibilities you may dream of...  

Dream, but, better yet...  take action!

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