If I Started All Over Again Today... Part I

If a 6-figure networking guru were ruminating on her beginnings...  "If I started all over again today..." wouldn't you love to gain a sneak peek inside of that mind?

Where would you start?

Let's start at the very beginning, where this #ladyboss would start - if she had it all to do again!  {This is what she recommended to ME!}  

Strip your mind of the things you THINK you have to do...
— Diane Hochman

There are SO MANY OPTIONS now to use to build your business - it can be positively overwhelming!  

But do not fear!  Slow down.  Think.  Apply these TWO beginning strategies.  Remember, the media will change - that is inevitable.  But the fundamental principles will always apply - today, tomorrow, in a decade.  Let's get started!  


Well, HELLO!  (Literally.)  Meet people.  Meet a LOT of people.  In person, online, at networking events, however you can.  

{Be creative.}

Maintain a goal of meeting a particular number of people a day.  Diane recommends meeting 10 people a day - TOTALLY doable!!  While this is building your warm market, do not enter into relationship building with the intent to sell, sell, sell.  

"If you're not trying to get them to do something, you don't have to be afraid of them anymore!"  They can't say "no," because you're just having a conversation with them.  No pressure!  

While creating an Avatar, or a particular person/people/subculture to "sell" to can be a gresat thing a little later down the road (specifically, for advertising), you don't have to be that specific in meeting people - don't let it hold you back.  This can be general:

People with home businesses that have money.

The more people you meet, the better you will get at it.  

Check out these 7 Ways to Connect with People !

Imagine over the course of a year, how many people you would meet, if you met 10 people a day.  We'll even give you 15 or so "days off" to be a little more realistic.  

So 365-15 = 350 days.  350 days x 10 people per day = 3500 people.  There's a pretty decent warm market right there!  Say you do this for 5 years.  5 years x 3500 people = 17,500 people in your warm market.  

Continue your rapport with those you meet.  Your goal in business is to...

Meet the RIGHT people and place them in front of the RIGHT offer.

Diane actually has a helpful video, showing an example on how to meet people on Facebook - take a look!

As a BONUS...  check this out for even MORE ideas!  

And a VERY important BONUS...  

Assume that the next (and the next) person you meet will be the most important one you ever will. That attitude returns manifold dividends.
— Roy A Ackerman, PhD, EA


Specifically, sign up for an autoresponder, set it up, then use it.  

If you have an email list (even if it's only one person - they won't know that!!), you really need to have an autoresponder.  If you're not familiar with what an autoresponder is...  it's a program which is used to send out emails to a large email list from one source.  

It allows you to COMMUNICATE with your audience.  You have control of this.

There are a few notable autoresponders out there, but I use AWeber.  It's very easy to use, and they are very helpful!  

The goal is to COMMUNICATE to your audience something that is VALUABLE to them.  

You can come up with information, but we are all about leveraging our time and resources - so a great way to do this is to be a curator.  (Especially if you are a newbie!)  

CURATING is when you gather and share other people's information online.  Don't "borrow" their stuff, then put your name on it - credit where credit is due!!  (By doing this, you will probably create some friendships, because you're sharing others' information - and people LOVE that!)

Provide this great content to your audience, and when they see your email pop up in their Inbox, they'll be excited to see what you have to say!  (They may even begin to crave what you have to offer...)  

Do you think Diane knows what she's talking about?  (Not that she needs to prove anything to ANYONE, but...)  She has been applying these two strategies as an Online Networker now for about 11 years and only 3 days into this new year she had already banked over 6 figures.  

Now, do you think you better follow advice from someone that MIGHT know what they're talking about???  Or do you know better...  

If you loved the two simple, yet profound, tips above, I have just a little more for you to chew on - a BONUS training for you.  But only if you think you may want to gain a few more tips to help out in your business.

If you are already doing great - then don't worry about it.

We all know by now that it is SO important to grow your email newsletter list.  (Quality is certainly better than quantity, but I don't think any of us would complain if there were a few more people on our lists!)  This is one of the only aspects of our business WE own - that couldn't suddenly disappear tomorrow.  

But even if you only have 100 people on your newsletter list, it is VERY possible to make (great) money online!  

Her results aren't typical or guaranteed, but a housewife-turned multiple 6-figure earner created this process, based on her own success.  My mentor went from spamming her information in the local bathrooms (yikes!) to being able to recruit over 100 people in 72 hours to TWO different business opportunities...  I could go on, but we need to get on to it!  

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If you found those tips are helpful and would love even more...  


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Are you now in a position for your business to propel you closer to your dream life?   

You see, by creating a strong Foundation for your business, you may create that lifestyle that affords you whatever possibilities you may dream of...  

Dream, but, better yet...  take action!

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