How To Prospect on Facebook

Would you love to know how to draw prospective customers to you on Facebook?  

(BONUS: This is a great way to create mobile leads for FB - check it out!)

There is sometimes confusion between Marketing and Prospecting, so I just wanted to give a disctinction to begin...

Passive strategy

With marketing, you are putting your content (blog posts, videos, etc) out into the world - and it stays there, working for you.  Content that doesn't age, or that stays pertinent for a long time period, is called Evergreen Content.  This is out there, working for you - even while you sleep!  Marketers will continue to be able to use this content long after you initially post it.  This is VERY important and this is called Leverage.

Active strategy

Prospecting is only happening while you are physically doing it.  It is actively connecting with people, talking with them to bring them into your business.  This can bring immediate leads and sales, but again - does not provide the Leverage provided by Marketing.  

Both of these are important in combining your long- and short-term strategies, but today we are going to focus on Prospecting...  specifically on Facebook.

There are many ways to prospect, and these include face-to-face meetings, connecting at networking events, or having a conversation online.  

People connecting with people.  

And with the rise of social media, meeting people online couldn't be more appealing!  

The possibilities are endless!

In the video below, I'll be discussing how to Prospect on Facebook to your Cold market.  This is the first time you'll touch a prospective client.  Cold market is someone with whom you've never been in contact.  You don't know them, you don't have a past with them - it's...

Check out the strategy below and I'd love to hear how this works for you!!  

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