How to Remain Positive Despite Adversity

Sometimes, life seems chaotic.  Like there is something bad happening to everyone you know.  There are times when bad things just happen to good people.  

But there is something that sets a successful person apart from someone that is lacking success (no matter how you define it).  It's the way in which you deal with the situation you are in.  Let's face it - there is not much we can control in our lives.  It's pretty much WHAT WE THINK and WHAT WE DO.  The rest, my friends, is a crap shoot.   

1) Acknowledge your feelings

Just because you remain positive does not mean you're HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY all of the time!  You are allowed to have negative emotions, sad, angry, emotions.  Acknowledge them.  Feel them.  Feel them so you can move through and out of them.  So the next time it comes around, you can watch it pass by.  

Don't ignore, don't repress...  PROCESS!

2)  Surround yourself with the right people

Being surrounded by others with the same mindset as you creates a resonant frequency in which more, and expanded ideas flow.  They build off of one another.  This takes brainstorming to an entirely new level.  Great ideas emerge and then those awesome people with which you've surrounded yourself take actions to implement.

3) Continually look for that proverbial Needle in the Haystack

Always be creative in discovering how you can solve someone's problem.  THIS is how you stand out - whenever you figure out how to solve that problem, it makes you feel GREAT!  

And whatever the situation, choose to find & focus on that positive point - even if it SEEMS like you're searching for something impossible to find!

4) Celebrate how far you've come

Not talking participation trophies here...  celebrate actual victories!  These can be the smallest accomplishments, but each tiny step leads to the desired end result.  Acknowledge failure.  Embrace knowing that you must have failures to grow and stretch to that next level.  But focus on the positive, what you have accomplished.  

If, on your list of goals, you realize you've fallen short - don't bemoan those supposed shortcomings!  You still have time to accomplish them!  But realize how far you've come to get to the point where you are now!

5) Be consistent and be persistent

When you are working away at your endeavors, yet you are see adversity from every side...  hunker down and focus on each of the small tasks that you have determined to accomplish every day.  Every day, every day.  Do the same things.  Do them daily.  Not that you need to prove yourself to that crowd, but you're building your presence and posture.  

When you begin, don't even try to determine results immediately.  You are creating and building for the purpose of furthering the life of someone else and the results are merely a side effect!  Not the Main Event.

This one doesn't even get its own point, because by now, it's an automatic daily occurrance in your life:  


Focus on it daily, so it automatically pops up, especially when adversity rears its ugly head.

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