9 Ways to Choreograph your FB Timeline

I heard someone yesterday, state...  not to Practice Random Acts of Kindness...  but to Practice Purposeful Acts of Kindness...  In reality:

Everything we do should be purposeful!

Recently, I attended training by marketing expert, Erin Birch, during a Tuesday Hangout.  She was discussing ways in which to be purposeful - specifically, purposeful in the posts you include on your FB timeline.  That this must be choreographed by utilizing 9 various types of posts.  I've included below how I use each type of post, including some examples and other links.  

Hope this helps to create a direction & purpose for your FB Timeline!


Show others what you are doing by either telling them or showing them.  People love photos and images are so appealing.  

I was at lunch the other day, and the image of the amazing food in addition to the Zen message on my teabag inspired a photo.  Voila!  Lifestyle image.  

Use images or quote images of a trip you've taken (or a trip you are planning to take!).

Lifestyle posts may also be stating thatt you were able to spend time with a loved one, which is something you may not have been able to do - without designing your life to match the lifestyle you want!

Provide a snapshot into your life.


Quotes inspire people, and even better if they are an image quote!  They each have a different element of meaning to those that read them.  But...  here are two ideas to make yourself stand out:

1) Make your own quote images from a quote you heard in a training.

2) Create a quote image from your OWN quotes.  

Here are a few examples:


Crafting your own quote images will make you stand out.


Teach others what you know.  If there is something you don't know, Google it and learn...  then teach!  I use a system that provides training for your social media needs to grow your business!

You can create a tutorial to teach someone using snapshots of your screen or create a tutorial video.  

(Hint:  "How to...", "10 best ways to...", ""5 tips on...".)


Video is Vital.  In the virtual world, Video is the hottest way to teach.  You not only can create pre-recorded videos, but most social media platforms also allow for Live Video.  Utilize recorded or live video for Periscope, FB Live (from phone or desktop!), Twitter, YouTube and Instagram!

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Everyone has a challenge, and YOU can be a source for their solution!  What is the source of the "pain" for your audience?  

Perhaps they would like to create their first Ebook and you can show them how?  How can you coach others on how to get leads on Twitter?  Can you teach others how to tell their story effectively to help build their business?

You can use the "Tutorial" method of posting above to give solutions - "5 tips to..." or create a video to show them the solution.

Know your audience, so you will then know their struggles.  Swoop in to save the day by providing an effective solution!


Utilize anything you've accomplished to create credibility.  Another way to say this is "Social Influence."  If you have any successes, celebrate them!  These could be any prizes you've won from your company, leads gained, placement on leader boards, earning a large amount of money in one day.  

If you help others to have success, that can also be used to create Social Proof.  Coaching wins definitely fall into this category!  Ask for testimonials, which are great written but even better if in video!  


Your goal is to relate to others.  When you've discovered what solutions you can give to challenges, CONSISTENTLY, people begin to know, like, and trust you.  Any business requires trust to have success!  


This type of post gives someone SOME information about a product, possibly the benefits...  but doesn't flash the company's name and logo.  I consistently show benefits and pass along free training for a company I'm affiliated with.  Below is a message I received from a friend.  

Attraction marketing = curiosity

An additional idea is that if you are selling some type of vitamins, you could describe the benefits you are gaining from them - how great you feel!  Showing your lifestyle and these elements can create a high level of curiosity for your audience!


The entire reason you post is to gain engagement from your audience.  {like-comment-share}  People will look forward to your upcoming posts and they ways in which they may interact with you.  Typically, asking a question will gain more engagment, especially on a topic that elicits an emotion.  Sometimes, a controversial post will create more engagement (although it might be a good idea to keep the controversy to a minimum!).    

I had a lot of interaction on the post below, and it was a little bit controversial but everyone wanted to offer their solution to the problem.  Pay attention to the posts that draw the most interraction from your FB friends.  Engage with other people.  (Hint: this is social media!)

  • Do you make conscious decisions regarding posts on your FB Timeline?  

  • Will you now create purposeful posts?  

  • What is your favorite type of post and what works best for you?

Are you now in a position to become the successful LEADER you want to be?  I am well on my way to gaining that posture.  

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