Do You Know One Way to Link your Autoresponder to FB? (How To)

We all know by now that it is SO important to grow your email newsletter list.  (Quality is certainly better than quantity, but I don't think any of us would complain if there were a few more people on our lists!)  This is one of the only aspects of our business WE own - that couldn't suddenly disappear tomorrow.  

But even if you only have 100 people on your newsletter list, it is VERY possible to make (great) money online!  

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If you have a list (even if it's only one person so far!!), you really need to have an autoresponder.  If you're not familiar with what an autoresponder is, we'll begin by defining what it is.  An autoresponder is a program which is used to send out emails to a large email list from one source.  There are a few notable autoresponders out there, but this post is specifically about AWeber.  

There is a way to create a link to AWeber on your FB Page(s).  Check out the steps below.

Begin by logging into your AWeber account.  If you don't yet have one, do invest in that - it's very worth having the flexibility and statistics generated in the program.  

After you've logged in, click on Sign Up Forms, then click on Facebook.  

On the next screen, click Enable.

Next, Integrate with Facebook.  (It's great to have one more place for those you communicate with on other forums, to be able to signup for your email newsletter.)

Choose which FB page you would like to link to by clicking on the pulldown menu.  

Click on the appropriate page (you can go through the process again if you would like to add another page later).  Then click on Add Page Tab.

You'll go to your FB Page and click on Email Signup - it will be listed along the side of your Page.  (I believe you can configure that to show up in various places, but I have my links along the LH side.)

When you get to that page, it will tell you,"HEY!  This page hasn't been set up yet!"  Click on Configure.  

You will be prompted to sign in to your AWeber page.

You'll be brought back to your FB Page, so again use the pulldown menu to see which list you would like to send people to.  This list was already created by you in AWeber.

Here, you can choose both the list you'll send to and also which signup form you'll choose to show up on your FB Page.  Again, this signup form would have already been created by you in AWeber.  You could create one specifically for FB, and track which customers come in through this avenue.  

Lets say you have two different FB Pages, for two different audiences, you can a different list and signup form for each.  Very customizable.

That's it!  One more connection via social media, allowing followers to signup for our email list!  

P.S.  I did include one Bonus point.  See below!  

BONUS:  Another way to draw viewers to your website and sign-up list for an email list is the "Learn More" button, or "Call to Action," by the banner on your FB Page.  This could link to your site or email list in a few different ways:

  • Link the button directly to the Home page of your website.
  • Link the button to an opt-in page (this could possibly be a hidden page on your website).
  • Link the button to directly sign up for your email newsletter.

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