How To Be Successful in Your Business? ( 7 Tips from a Leader )

What do successful people do in their Business?  Would you like to have a Sneak Peek into the thoughts of someone that's been successful?  Maybe a few insights into how you may improve YOURself and YOUR business!  

Well, today you are in LUCK!  

(Maybe not luck so much as you preparing for and placing yourself in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time to be exposed to this information!)  Get ready for these secrets I've learned from my mentor and online marketing expert, Todd Getts.    

Tips on How to Be Successful in Your Business

1)      Be active in your business community! 

Engage with other members.  This could be in person, but specifically in the online community inside of your business opportunity.  

Don't be active in trying to SELL to others, but be ready help out in whatever way you may be able.  Some possible opportunities could be...

  •  Events
    • Webinars
    • Hangouts
    • Calls
  • Masterminds
  • Group coaching
  • Individual coaching
  • Etc.

Surround yourself with success! 

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.
— Jim Rohn

Build friendships, find mentors. 

This will propel you into being a BETTER VERSION OF YOURSELF. 

{If you’re attracting other leaders, you’re doing something right!}

That's called Social Proof when those others are supporting you. 

It's a huge Red Flag that someone will NOT be successful when people DON’T engage in their business community.  

{Don't fade away into an average life.}

2)      Target personal development & LEADERSHIP mindset. 

Do NOT fake it till you make it.  You're already a leader!  You don’t have to fake anything - there are people you could teach today

People join LEADERS

Leaders teach, motivate, inspire.  Leaders create other leaders and are not threatened by others’ success.   



3)      Create a blog and produce valuable content. 

(Not social media posts, but things like videos, blog posts - like this one!) 

Why do you need a blog? 

  • It will add legitimacy to your brand & business. 
  • A blog will serve as the hub of all information & marketing you are managing (all social media components point to this hub!).  
  • You own your blog.  You do not own your social media accounts or the business for which you are selling - those could go away tomorrow.  But you control your blog.
  • Leaders teach.  How do you teach?  By creating content.  Create your own content and teach others what you know.  This is vital if you want leaders to follow you.

Fill this blog with something worth reading!  This could be a tutorial, tips or information on your niche, or possibly even a lighter, fun post now and then.  But give great content to your readers so they crave reading it when you put it out into the world!

4)  Get (and stay!) organized & hold yourself accountable!

Create a Daily Mode of Operation (DMO).  This will provide a schedule to follow through your day, week, monrth, so you don't get off track!  You'll want to focus primarily on tasks that provide you with income - outsource the others!  Think about what your time is worth.  

Be patient!!  You will not have results overnight.  In fact, stick to that DMO and give yourself 6 months, 9  months, a YEAR (or sometimes even more!) before you even look for results!  Grind away, baby, be persistent.

A river cuts through a rock, not because of its power, but its persistence.

Are you working at a job?  How many years have you worked there?  How much do you make at that job?  How many hours a week do you work?  

Be realistic - don't expect to work 3 hours a week and make triple what you currently make at your job...  when you have worked there for 10 years and work 70 hours a week.  

You can be incredibly successful, but it won't happen overnight.  Manage your time, PUT in the work and time and it will all begin to happen.  

You may have to put in 4000-8000 hours before you have success!  (In real terms, that is 100-200 forty-hour work weeks.  Or, approximately 2-4 years.)  But 2-4 years of busting your butt - or even 5-10 - is TOTALLY worth the rest of your lifetime of the freedom you create.

5)      Be consistent and relentless! 

You WILL have to make sacrifices.  It may be painful at times, I'm just not gonna sugar coat it!!  You also cannot take breaks all of the time (Netflix, video games, lots of vacations, etc.).  Breaks should be the exception, rather than the rule.  

But again...2-4 years of busting your butt - or even 5-10 - is TOTALLY worth the rest of your lifetime of the freedom you create.

6)  Be focused!

Are you totally distracted by every new-fangled training or concept you encounter?  This is called S.O.S. (Shiny Object Syndrome).  If this is the case, you better send out an S.O.S. to save you from yourself!    

Stick to a few things you implement and test.  Always be working to improve your existing strategies before moving on to something else!  How do you know you’ve mastered something?  Do you feel you can teach something as well as someone training in your business can do?  If you are consistently successful with it, you have mastered it. 

Track everything.  Track clicks, track conversions, split-test your copy.  Do this tedious work that gets you results.  That is the work no one else will do, but if you do it, it will lead to SUCCESS. 

Don't be distracted like Dug!  SQUIRREL!

7)  Followup!

Pick up the phone.  Call your leads.  Keep in touch with your warm market.  They are people, just like you!      

Acknowledge your weakness, and leverage your strengths.  Be dedicated to learning and mastering each to bring you success! 

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