How to Create a Shift in Your Life

Would you love to make a SHIFT in your life?

Taking it up a notch can really create huge changes for you!

I've received some tips from online marketing success story Ryan Cody McMorris on how to shift various elements in your life to allow success into your life.  How do you begin to shift your perspective, your perception?  Shift your thinking surrounding the elements noted below and you WILL 

shift your path toward success!


People are ______________.  

How do YOU fill in the blank?  FIRST thing that comes to mind, your core thinking?  Negative?  Positive?  Preconceived notions?  

If you think people are terrible, it will be difficult to connect with them.

{Or impossible.}

Make a shift to think about yourself as a business owner.  Create that paradigm for yourself, within yourself.  Be confident.  Do you take yourself seriously?  If not, others will not.  If you do, others will!  Maybe this should be part of your affirmations: "I am a successful, confident business owner."  

How do you master people?  (You need them!)  Do you know how to connect with them?  There are many ways to begin that conversation!


Time isn't money.  You cannot get your time back.  There is always potential to attract money.

Time is precious.  How do you look at time?  How do you shift that thought?  You cannot "manage" time.  Manage YOURSELF.


DO outsource and run your business in the most effective way, so you get the results you desire!  You have a "real business" now!  You don't need to hit a certain amount per month, take advantage of that mindset NOW.   

DECIDE (be Purposeful) how much time you will spend on your business today.  DO NOT BE RANDOM WITH THIS.  

Be Disciplined.  Reduce distractions.  Don't "do your business whever you can."  Always come back to this.  You cannot control the clock, you can only control YOU. 


The Word.  EVERYONE is a salesperson.  If you want something from someone else, you are in sales.  You are responsible for your own economy!  You are responsible for putting more money into the economy!  An exchange of Value!

I've struggled with this in the past, but Sales is not a "dirty" word.  Did you buy something today?  Then, someone sold it to you?  It was not painful.  You wanted it.  It's that simple.


This is not going out to "badger" people.  You go out to make friends.  (Here is a great list of questions that can help you in your conversation!)  Go socialize.  


What are the new types of friends I would like to make?  This can be in person, does not have to be on a call.  But don't be afraid of it.  YOU ARE HERE TO CHANGE LIVES!

People will thank you!  Some will never comment, share, but when you contact them - they will thank you for your videos, your inspiration.  (I have had this happen!  People appreciate your help and inspiration!)

There are so many ways you may learn how to prospect.  I've learned a LOT about how to effectively do this in the community I've joined!  (With this $10 trial offer, you can't afford to pass it up!)  


Look at everything as an investment!  How can you invest your money or knowledge?  Do you wonder how some people can charge so much $$?  (Cha-ching!)  


By doing this, you provide value for OTHERS.



Money is a by-product of the value you provide.  It is a trade-off.  How much value are you putting out?  Do people see your value?  Money must keep moving!  Don't sit on money - keep money moving if you want money to keep moving to YOU!  Don't hold onto your money with a death grip!  

You are blocking the way.  

Provide Value and the Money will follow.  

Look for places to strategically invest your money.  When you GIVE money, you will feel like you have more and you will GAIN more.  

You cannot MAKE money.  You can provide an extreme amount of VALUE to others - place yourself in front of them and they will provide you with money.  

Why would someone want to give you money??  Are you providing them with the value, the solution to their problems?  

Are you beginning to shift your perception about these?  Are you now in a better position to become the successful LEADER you want to be?  I am well on my way to gaining that posture.  

You see, if you are opening to improving yourself, you may create that lifestyle that affords you whatever possibilities you may dream of...  

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