Back that Thang UP!

I recently was having some major computer isues.  


I'm talking the repeated BSOD...  (To those lucky enough to not have dealt with it, that stands for the Blue Screen of Death - it even SOUNDS terrible!)  I even took a photo & recorded it on my phone, because it never hurts to have something available for diagnostics.  

I brought up this issue, not to complain, but to help YOU before you get into a predicament!

LONG before you have an issue, you should be thinking about backup for your computer.  Those irreplaceable photos and all of your business documents should have a safe place to call home!

Do yours??

Do YOU regularly backup your computer and the important information you have inside?

If not, you're not alone, but now you need to do something about it.  Check out this infographic created by Seagate Technology.  Frightening stats!

A friend of mine recently told me she had taken photos of her son at his First Birthday Party & then their computer crashed.  Those photos are priceless, right?  In this case, they were worth $1800...  the cost to retrieve the photos from the crashed hard drive.  Ouch.

In researching my options, I came across this awesome matrix!  (If something is already done, I'm not about to do it again, just for fun!)  You'll notice that, overall, Google drive is your best option from this list.  

It would be a great idea if you created a Restore Point for your computer.  This is a benchmark point which you can record in the system and if you have issues later, restore your computer to that date.  

It's easy enough:

  1. Go to Control Panel > System and Security > System > Advanced System Settings
  2. Create a Restore Point. 
  3. Click on Create and follow the prompts through.  

If you ARE having issues, it may be helpful to you to check out the Event Viewer.  This documents goings-on in your computer and can give you clues about what has been happening.  This will probably show some events, even if your computer is running fine.  So, DON'T PANIC!  😳 😊

Checking out the Event Viewer can also aid you in determining if you need to take in your machine to a technician, AND will show you the date around which you began having issues.  

And that is why having set your Restore Point was important!  

This is how I get to the Event Viewer (using Windows 10):

Go to Control Panel/System and Security/Administrative Tools/Event Viewer

You will see where & when errors are occurring.

Before determining where you will save all of your data, figure out how much data you will need to have.  Do you want additional storage for downloaded music and films saved onto your "server"?  How easy is it to use?  Is there a cost associated?  (Hint:  this is a writeoff for whatever percentage you use for your busniess.)  Will this be easily accessible for you and other family members?  Can you use this for files/data and your phone, automatically uploaded?

I took an informal survery of friends and family to see what they used, if anything and the responses varied quite a bit.  I am in process of deciding what I will be purchasing (I figure I have right arouund 100GB needed now, and so I am planning ahead!)

As I go through that process of finalizing the system I will utilize, I'll be creating a followup blog post to show you my decision, why, cost, etc!  


Are you now in a position to have better control over your information???  As you regain control, you will be more confident in yourself, your business.  You'll be stepping into the shoes of the leader you ARE!  But it's always great to have a strong support system...  Become a part of a community that is a great support on this journey and will give you a WEALTH of tools to use to improve yourself and your business!  This will give you the ULTIMATE in building your business!

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