4 Shortcuts to Winning in Business!

*Four Shortcuts to Winning in Business 🏆

You will find whatever you are Seeking.  

Look.  Ask.  

Acknowledge your belief system - it is there and it will serve you.  Just be aware that your brain doesn't know right from wrong - whatever you are focused on is what it will look for to support that focus.  

Build Belief

Suspend your belief if what you are truly wanting doesn't align with mainstream ideals.  

Build your Beliefs by surrounding yourself with people (or support by watching videos, etc) that help you change your beliefs.  When you build your belief and KNOW you can do it, the technical things, the "overwhelming" details...  they no longer matter.  Your energies rise above your "stuck" level.

Get in the "no-stuck" zone.  

Don't allow even the THOUGHT of obstacles!  You can blow through anything that may come up.  

Beware of the {Two enemies}

1) Frustration - the gap between where you ARE and where you want to BE.  How to battle this?  Be content with where you are.  Rome wasn't built in a day.  Enjoy the journey.  Still desire to progress to move forward - but this should not be a Pain Point.   

2) Overwhelm - you know the things to DO, but you're not doing any of them/any of them WELL.  

If you are trying to do/focus on too many things at once, you will do NOTHING.  Pick one and go!

Catch the fire!  🔥  {Keep the Fire!}

Where in your life have you felt POWERFUL?  Where did you find that contagious spirit?  What was around you that created that lasting feeling?  

Evaluate that.  If you need help in keeping the fire burning, maintaining that fire...  recreate the moments when you previous had this passion!  An Event you attended, a Daily Occurrence that happens, certain People you are around.  


Maintain a servant's heart.  Give in to the desire to help others MORE than you do for yourself.  Picture a piggy bank - any time you create a piece of content, you are depositing into it.  The CTA (Call to Action) is the withdrawal.  

You cannot make a withdrawal until you've deposited!

*Post based on Wake-Up Call by Ron Gelok.

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