Contemplating Meditation

Delving into more of the same topic...  Meditation.  More specifically:

What is it?

It's extensively defined in the dictionary.  However, it has much more depth than black words on a white page.

I've found a range of interesting definitions on the subject:

Meditation is basically about quieting your mind and getting rid of all the mental “chatter” many people experience daily.  As your mind becomes quiet and peaceful, you become more open to the realms of spirit. You reconnect with your true self, with your spiritual essence.
— John Cali, freelance writer & publisher

It's not something to define, but something to experience.  

It is the practice of dissolving. It is just like when you have understood some concept, it is not more. Practice of meditation is understanding it, until it is no more. A seeking to understand it is the practice.
— Prashanth Hirematada, Author of LAMP

Meditation is a state, not a process.

If you view meditation as something that is “done” , a process, then you will find hundreds of different methods , philosophies and practices.
But the pursuit of understanding oneself is the most personal endeavor anyone can embark one. Just as they say one persons medicine may be another persons’s poison, same can be said about meditation. In the pursuit of spiritual understanding of oneself many questions arise within us. We seek answers to questions which may sometimes make sense to only one person,,,,Me...the person asking the question.
All answers are available right within us. We need to uncover the answers, and that needs patience. There are no shortcuts to the best things in life including the answer to the inscrutable yer obvious question , “Who Am I?”
— Vivek Ravindranath

It's removing the Power of Habit from your Body and replacing it with the Power of your Mind.

The moment we utter the word “meditation,” there are all kinds of misconceptions about it... You cannot do meditation but you can become meditative. Meditation is a certain quality. It is not a certain act.
— Kush Sareen

Meditation is being in a state where possibilities are infinite, not constrained by any physical boundaries.  No limits, you are rewriting your own destiny by rewiring the mind.

Nobody can define Meditation.
Because it can’t be done.
You can only go into meditation.
— Vijay Mamoria

I came across this story and it brought to me a truth.  While I'm not Buddhist, I believe this story can help anyone gain clarity:

Buddha was on his way walking from one town to another, with a few of his followers, they happen to pass by a river.  Buddha took some rest under the cool shade of a tree and asked one of his disciples to get some water from the river.

As the disciple approached the lake, he found that women of the nearby village were washing their clothes, men were bathing their cattle, children were playing and a bullock cart just crossed the river to get to the other side of the village. All this hustle and bustle in the water had compelled the water to become muddy. The disciple thought, “How can I give this water to my master?”

He went back and said “Master, the water has become too muddy and is unfit for drinking so I came back.”

After some time passed, Buddha sent his disciple yet again to fetch water for him.

The disciple readily went to the river. This time, nobody was there but still the water was muddy due to all the activities that had happened. He went back and said “Master the water is still too muddy.”

After more time passed, Buddha sent his disciple yet again to fetch water for him.

This time, there was no muddiness and the water of the river was silent and smooth with clear water, the disciple took a pot and collected some water and took it to Buddha.

Buddha looked at the water and then looking at the disciple and asked “What did you do to make the water clean.”

“Nothing” his disciple said “I have done nothing, I just let it be…. and the mud settled down on its own and I got clear water."

Buddha said, “Our human mind is the same. When the disturbance of anger or sadness comes it disturbs the sentiments and emotions of the human mind and makes it unclear. So when it is disturbed just let it be. Relax and give it some time to settle down. It will settle down on its own. You don’t have to put in any effort to calm it down. It will happen by itself. It is effortless.”

It is effortless.


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