What is Fueling You?

Entering into the weekend, MAYBE that will give you "permission" to not eat that great (ok, sometimes very questionable foods here!!  Ha!), I am working to turn my focus back onto healthy foods I love!  I truly do love many healthy foods, and sometimes it turns into a matter of convenience of “junk” foods while traveling or when you're busy – and just poor choices overall!!  

Make a conscious decision to make those good choices.  I mentioned yesterday about how food has a direct relationship to your emotional state.  This makes a HUGE difference in your life.  Not only do the proper healthy, nutrient-dense foods make the machine that is your body work more efficiently...  but in making these better choices, you are instilling in your mind that YOU are worth the quality, healthy foods that you put into it.  Raising you up another level.  Other great things will follow.  

Once you decide to eat foods that fuel your body well and become the BEST person you can be!  The outside will reflect the inside.  Try out some of the Ridiculously Healthy Foods below! 

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This is an infographic from Women’s Health Magazine, and while I don’t agree with 100% of the information, it’s good information overall.  

The list includes the following:

1) Eggs  They're great.  Don't listen to the back-and-forth of "they're good for you" then "they're bad for you."  Moderation, people.  Be experimental!  Recently, I tried duck eggs!  Quail, ostrich, go crazy.  

2) Greek Yogurt  I don't eat much Greek Yogurt, but I DO eat full-fat yoghurt.  Watch the sugar in it, because that might negate the good you're receiving from it.  Probiotics.  Your gut will love you for it.  (Related: Kefir.  It's like a liquid version of great yoghurt INCLUDING probiotics.  Yum.)

3) Fat Free Milk  I don't believe in fat-free and I don't believe that milk is vital for our health.  Cow milk isn't really meant for humans, but if you love it, that's okay!  Again, moderation.  For you that are diabetic, there is natural sugar in milk, so be aware of how much you are consuming.

4) Salmon  Great source of Vit B12, Vit D and selenium.  Wonderful source of protein and omega-3 fats.  Eat it!  But eat wild-caught salmon & purchase from responsible sources.  

5) Lean Beef  BEEF.  It's what's for dinner.  We love beef.  But rein in that love, because you should limit this to 18 oz per week.  Check out the Serving Size Guide below.  Print out and stick on your fridge!  

6) Beans  They're a great protein source, especially if you are not a carnivore!

7) Nuts  GREAT source of fats!  Delicious, and tons of great options!  

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8) Edamame & Tofu  I do enjoy edmame, but do LIMIT your soy intake.  You can research this yourself, but I don't promote eating soy.  For example, instead of soy sauce, I use coconut aminos.  Research.

9) Oatmeal  This is a great source of fiber and can aid in lowering your cholesterol.  Try making refrigerator oatmeal as an alternative to hot oatmeal.  (And if you like your oatmeal hot, don't dump in a ton of fat and sugar!)

Refrigerator oatmeal:  1/3 c. each rolled oats, milk & plain yoghurt; 1/2 T chia seeds; pinch salt & cinnnamon;  Mix all ingredients.  Add fruit of choice (this can be fresh or frozen).  I love adding 1/2 c blueberries onto the top.  Put into fridge overnight.  Eat in the morning, straigh out of the fridge or you can warm if desired.  

I love that stuff.

10) Flaxseed  Good fats.  That is all.  Grind and all to smoothies or whatever you want!

11) Olive Oil  More good fats.  Best for eating raw - if you cook at too high a temperature, it breaks down and really isn't healthy any longer.  Drizzle over salad or a hot dish.  Add to a smoothie or shake.  Buy a GOOD QUALITY EVOO.  Delish.  

12) Avocado  Just eat them.  GREAT healthy fats.  I cook a lot with avocado oil - it works well to cook at high temps.  Drizzle, then saute and roast away!  

13) Broccoli  Cancer-fighting.  I eat this OFTEN.  Steamed, roasted, awesome.  Eat lots of it.  Include with this all cruciferous vegetables!  (Cabbage, cauliflower, etc.)

14) Spinach  I don't eat this as much as I should!, but it's chock-full of vitamins and fiber.  I love it lightly sauteed so just wilted.

15) Tomato  Great source of lycopene, which helps in preventing ❤️️ disease.  If you are eating tomatoes that are processed at all, be aware of the sugar added and the overall carb content.

16) Sweet Potatoes  Great source of a long list of vitamins & minerals!  Did you know these have approximately the same amount of carbs as a white potato?  They do have slightly more fiber and also rank a little lower on the glycemic index.  (Important info for diabetics.)

17) Garlic  Use it.  Good for immunity.  And it tastes good!

18) Red Peppers  FULL of Vit C and contains good stuff like beta-carotene (antioxidants & anti-inflammatory benefits!).  Roast them.  Yum!

19) Figs  Have eaten these dried mostly, but recently purchased some fresh figs from my local co-op.  A great treat, and not too sweet.  HIGH in fiber and mineral content.  

20) Blueberries  These are a SUPERFOOD.  Great antioxidant properties, and a delicious source of fiber and copper!

21) Asian Pears  I have never tried these!  But good to mix it up a little.  

22) Lychee  An interesting Asian fruit!  If you buy this canned (which is mostly how I've seen it), check out the sugar content.

23) Apples  GREAT source of fiber and delicious!  I love Pink Lady and Ambrosia apples the best...  what's YOUR fave?  They are great for you, but check your sugar levels if you are diabetic.  They may or may not work well with your body.    

24) Guava  So exotic!  If you try this as a dried fruit, check sugar and sulfate content.  

25) Dark Chocolate  What is there to be said??  Your chocolate will have the percentage of cacao in the chocolate you've chosen.  Cacao has many benefits!  Again, when choosing your chocolate, check the carbs and sugars inside.     

What a bunch of delicious, yet healthy foods.  

Let’s all get back on track in choosing the right fuel for our amazing bodies!!


I don't think you can disagree after seeing these images!  

Here's a little "eye-candy" for you!

Organic Heirloom Tomato (Blue Purple Indigo Rose)

Organic Heirloom Tomato (Blue Purple Indigo Rose)

Green Tomatoes 

Green Tomatoes 

Sauteed Baby Kale & Carrots 

Sauteed Baby Kale & Carrots 


Thanks for reading and please comment below with your favorite healthy foods!

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