How to Discover Your Brand

Returning from an appointment, I just passed a sign for a local business.  I really disliked the font on the signage and was thinking that just due to that, it may sway me away from ever going there.  I may not have, anyway, but that's a pretty strong response to their branding.

Do you think people have a strong emotional response to your branding?  What brands come to mind that you LOVE??  Or are really memorable to you?  (If it solicited any sort of strong response, then their marketing worked!)  Why are these so ingrained in your mind?

A couple of weeks ago, I went to get a massage.  As I was brought into the room, I thought,"Calgon, take me away!"  And obviously, I wasn't there to bathe!  But Calgon's branding is so strong that it elicits the response their company wants you to have.  The FEELING of luxury and relaxation.

Therefore, when you feel relaxed in a luxurious way...  you may think of Calgon!  The image above helps to bring the phrase alive.  It may awaken a comforting sense of smell, such as lavender or vanilla, or other favorite aromatherapy delight.  The sounds may be reminiscent of a soothing instrumental or earth sound (a babbling brook, birds chirping) or just have a hushed tone about the space.  Do you feel the crisp, clean sheets surrounding you, including the weight of the blanket on top of you, as you view the image?  

Elicit as many senses as you can through your branding - and if this solely via the internet, utilize words and images to create a three-dimensional experience for your audience.  

The Beef industry has done a GREAT job of branding through the years!  

BEEF!  It's What's for Dinner!

Do you immediately recognize Aaron Copland's Rodeo as the theme song?

How about the very distinctive voice of Sam Elliott in this Beef advertising radio spot?


What is a powerful branding message YOU remember, whether it's from years ago, or yesterday?

What feelings did it elicit?  Were those feelings specifically about that brand, product, or the feeling and/or memory surrounding the product?  (Did the branding make you remember in 3D?)

Is there a phrase you remember that may embody a brand so well that the phrase is all you need to hear for the memory of it to come flooding back to you?  

Is your Brand strong enough to elicit a response in the specific group you are aiming to reach?

Are you tying your Brand to your Values? 

As you uncover these truths, create some lists.  

  1. What is your Mission?  
  2. Can your Mission be embodied in a word, a phrase?  
  3. What is your Product?  
  4. To whom would you like to Appeal?
  5. What Feeling would you love to project to that group?
  6. To create that Feeling, does a particular color, style, font, word come to mind?   
  7. How will you project that Feeling to others and does that fit with the audience you have in mind?

Begin this discovery process.

Let the Personality of your Brand shine through.

Are you now in a position to hone in on your Branding?  As you focus in on a tighter view, you will be more confident in yourself, your business.  You'll be stepping into the shoes of the leader you ARE!  But it's always great to have a strong support system...  Become a part of a community that is a great support on this journey and will give you a WEALTH of tools to use to improve yourself and your business!  This will give you the ULTIMATE in building your business!

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