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Welcome back!

This weekend was really jam-packed and my mind is still swirling, surrounding some of the events.  In fact, I was knocked off-kilter a little bit.  One of those bittersweet events, torn... and still need to process some of that.

But that isn't what I will talk about today.  Like I said, still processing!!

I do have some BASIC lessons to share that came up over the last two days, and while they are simple, sometimes things we forget about...  they are keys in life.

You need to rely on YOURSELF for motivation moving forward.

Seriously.  Figure out what drives you - I know you all have that inside of you.  If you rely on someone else, you will be sorely disappointed.  It MUST come from within.  Everyone has their "why," their driving force...  you need to KEEP IT REAL and figure it out!  

Because if you haven't defined that, you will find yourself faultering on those tough days.  If you do not have this figured out, what will PULL you through it toward the future you desire.

You may be currently lying to yourself and lying to others - and that will only hurt you and the relationships that are important to you.  That's just not worth it.  BE HONEST. 

Don't kid yourself - there IS something that is RAW & REAL inside of you and is your driving force.  It may be uncomfortable at first to come face-to-face with it, but it's worth it in the end.

Be true to yourself!

There are some things you need to do that other people JUST WON'T UNDERSTAND.  Whether it's being in a relationship with someone that your friends and family don't "get," or working your hiney off on a business that most people you know don't support...  and the list could go on.  

I was chatting last weekend with a friend and was smack-dab in the middle of this major enlightened moment - choosing my words carefully to best convey my thoughts as clearly as I could.  In those words, I included that even my significant other did not fully understand nor support what I was doing.  

And do you know what?  

This friend - with whom I haven't had a LOT of really deep, meaningful conversations with - looking me intensely in the eyes, said...

"I support you."

I was a little bit speechless, honestly.  He repeated that statement.  

"I support you."

It really blew me away.  Unless you say something out loud, you will never know the support and opportunities there are.  People cannot read your mind.  

Hearing that statement was liberating and proved to me that you never know where support may come from.  It might not be someone close to you, that you would think would support you in anything!  But don't let that stop you!

If you need to do something - do it with all of your heart and soul, EVEN IF others aren't supportive and even try to keep you from it.  There's someone out there that DOES support you.  Probably many someones.  

When you are at the end of your days, and you look around - who will you have to answer to?  Someone you're trying to please right now?  Chances are they will be long gone and you only have yourself to answer to - don't be left with regrets.    


This is something that came up a couple of different times!  I have a tendency to really focus on the "task at hand" and then get so immersed in that - it's fun to ME.  😁  (nerd alert!)

1) I've been making an effort to spend more time, undistracted, with my significant other.  Not just with one ear listening while I am busy with my business!  Allot time to and have fun with your loved ones.  

After all...  that's why we're here.

2) Each year, I dedicate time to getting together with a group of musicians - in order to perform at an historical Opera House.  We have two rehearsals (second of which was yesterday) and then a performance, all one week apart.  

It feeds my soul to get together with other high-caliber musicians to gather and create beautiful music.  Expand your horizons in your current talents/hobbies or go dive into new endeavors!

3) Saturday night, we attended a 50th birthday (costume) party!  This was for a gal that is ALWAYS true to herself, something I continually work on and aspire to!  It was a time of fun and celebration.  

As someone that falls to the side of the chart labeled "Introvert," the thought of going to a party can sometimes be a mixed bag.  BUT, as I also work on skill to become more comfortable meeting new people, it becomes easier.  Met a bunch of new people that night and had a good time & laughs!  Don't ever let fear hold you back from introducing yourself to others - after all, they're just humans like you!  (mostly 😁)

(The photo below is from Saturday's birthday bash/costume party!)

Living in abundance and moving toward your goals and dreams DOESN'T mean life will always go perfectly!  It DOES mean you have invested in yourself enough that you have gained the tools to be able to work through adversity and keep moving toward success.  

That may include (but is not limited to!) mindset, meditation, breathing techniques, building your Vision, and other skills.  It's an amazing journey and well worth traveling.

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